Saturday, April 3, 2010

Japan Mini Study

There was so much information and good books on Japan, that we camped out for 3 weeks.  Along with the appropriate selection from Children Just Like Me, here is a list of books we borrowed from our library.

  • One Leaf Rides the Wind - Mannis

  • Lily and the Wooden Bowl - Schroeder

  • Yoko's Paper Cranes - Wells

  • Grandfather's Journey - Allen Say

  • Under the Cherry Blossom Tree - Allen Say (our favorite!)

  • Yoko Writes Her Name - Wells

We used the lapbook templates for our note-lapbook on Japan from Lapbook Lessons

This one is from the Kids Multicultural Book of Art.

For lunch one day we had a Japanese sweet omelet (tamagoyaki) minus the bonito flakes from this recipe.  It was good, and we made it with rice.  My friend gave us some fish-tasting seaweed from Japan, so we topped our rice with that.  Both Coco and Dreamer insisted on eating with chopsticks, to the last grain of rice.  Beeps tried, but decided to spear her eggs instead.

We do this stuff alongside our Sonlight Core K (Introduction to Cultures).  Okay, I think that's enough for now.


Friday, April 2, 2010

Masai Notebook and Culture Coloring

We topped off our study of Africa this week with some Masai lapbooking components from  The girls love pockets and flaps at their ages, so many times instead of writing in the mini books we find pictures online on Google Images, print them out and paste.  Here is a picture.  The coloring page is found here.

We also made these Masai necklaces out of paper plates.  Easy, but the girls really did enjoy it. 


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Africa and Peanut Butter

Last week we studied Africa.  I can't remember exactly which region it was, but we made Kente Paper Weaving from The Kids' Multicultural Book of Art.

Our cookbook included a recipe for . . . wait . . . wait . . . peanut butter soup.  Did I give you enough warning? At first, I thought "nasty!"  I told the girls, and they said "I'm not eating that."  As I was making it (yes, I just HAD to now; wouldn't you?) DH actually left because he couldn't stand the smell of onions and peanut butter together.  But sweetie, it also has sweet potatoes! 

I will say, it was edible.  I will say, I will never make it again.   Here's a pic of it with the girls.