Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Homemade Frog Life Cycle Layer Book

We have been making our way slowly through Real Science 4 Kids Biology.  I have never had so much notebooking inspiration for science than from this book. It must be the way my mind works or something, as I can't find as much inspiration from an Usborne book.

Anyhow, the girls just made some graduated booklets for their science notebooks on the life cycle of a frog.  They turned out nicely! 


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Print Art

Time for some art ideas!  These little messy things are made by a simple printing process.

  • First, use masking tape to tape the corners of a large sheet of waxed paper to your table. 
  • Next, spread printing ink (available at stores like Hobby Lobby or a craft store) evently with a brayer (also available at craft store).  Make sure it is thick, but not globby.
  • Then have your child scratch a picture onto the waxed paper with various tools to include paper clips, pencils, toothpicks, whatever you can think of.  Make sure you don't press too hard, or the ink will go through to your table.
  • Finally, gently press a piece of plain unlined paper on top of the ink, making sure to press all parts of the page as evenly as possible.

A few tips, the more you roll it out with the brayer, the drier the ink becomes, and the transfer process isn't as sharp.  The print ink is very thick and doesn't dry extremely fast, but you still need to work steadily and as quickly as possible without rushing.

I hope you enjoy doing this with your children!  Why don't you dig in with them to encourage and inspire them?


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Renaissance Notebooking Inspiration

All of the inspiration this week are free resources!  Since I'm a woman of little words, I'll get on with the good stuff, links and pictures.  :)

Art by Leonardo da Vinci pocket with art cards

Renaissance notebook pages

Renaissance Matchbooks (plus so much more here we didn't use)

This homemade pocket is filled with sketches by da Vinci.  I simply copied and pasted from Google Images the sketches I wanted included to a new Word document and printed.

This is one of many notebook pages I created and shared for free.  See link above to this freebie.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Paddle to the Sea Notebooking Pages

After creating these, I'm ready for a break!  I do want to get the Minn of the Mississippi pages done before we reach the Lewis and Clark Expedition in our American history studies, though.  I started those, but they are a long way off yet.  I'm a little burned out and need some time to reboot to get fresh ideas!  :)

As I promised, though, the Paddle to the Sea notebooking pages are ready!  Map work, writing summaries, research, 3D components, and many bunny trails await!  On to the good stuff.

Paddle to the Sea notebook pages