Monday, March 24, 2014

In Flanders Fields Copywork and WW1 Propaganda Discussion Notebook Pages

My next freebie is copywork for the poem, In Flanders Fields by John McCrae, written in 1915.  It is a moving piece, and the poppy is a universal symbol of not forgetting the millions of men lost in World War 1.

Take some time to really ponder the words of this poem and let them sink in.  I am thankful to not be involved personally in this war.

As always, I just like to get on to the good stuff and skip all the words.

In Flanders Fields copywork page

WW1 Political Cartoons and Propaganda discussion pages


Monday, March 3, 2014

George Washington Carver Copywork Pages

Hello there!  I'm getting ready for the new year, busy making printables and grid schedules for our second half of American history form the Civil War through the present.  I'm making these for my 5th and 6th graders.

I'll be sharing a few printables slowly over the next few weeks as I get them done.  I've got some George Washington Carver pages, Statue of Liberty pages, In Flanders Fields copywork pages, Japanese internment camp stuff, Victory Garden ideas, political cartoon notebooking, Civil Rights pages, and some Cold War/Communism pages. 

It's a lot of stuff, so they will come out slowly over the next several months.  I hope you like them and will find them useful in your homeschool!  As always, let me know if you've used them or plan to use them in the comments below, as it keeps me motivated with sharing everything I make.  ;)

Here's my first free printable from the new wave of creation!

George Washington Carver copywork pages