Saturday, May 9, 2015

Eastern Hemisphere Cultural Geography Activities

This grid schedule is meant to supplement a geography and history study of the Eastern Hemisphere.  It includes websites, art and craft projects, recipes, and suggestions for notebooking for various countries.  I didn't include every single country in the selected area of the world, but more a general area-by-area focus.  There are a lot of ideas in this guide, so pick and choose at your convenience!

If you've used my schedules before, you may find this one lighter in a couple of different areas.  I haven't scheduled many printables.  As our family moves into middle school, we need to focus more on other things.  I also haven't included a lot (if any) reading suggestions either.  We use this schedule with Sonlight®, so we decidedly don't need anymore reading.  I thought I might have extra stuff to choose from just in case we didn't like the ones they suggest.  This schedule and author are not affiliated with Sonlight®.  Check out their reading list if you need some suggestions. 

Some of the recipes and activities are from two books.  The first is called Geography Through Art.  I didn't schedule all the activities in this book just because some of them were too young for my oldest daughter and some weren't from the Eastern Hemisphere.  The second book is by the same publisher (Geography Matters) and is called Eat Your Way Around the WorldThere are plenty of other recipes and activities to keep you busy without these, though.  You can take the titles of the recipes in this book and google for recipes as well.

I want to ask that if you share this schedule, please don't just send them the PDF.  Will you kindly direct them to this blog post?  This is my heart's work, and may not be sold by anyone but me.  Thank you for that!

Eastern Hemisphere Activities Grid Schedule