Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Introducing Our New Home!

Hello again!  I am moving to a new blog with a friend of mine, Sayuri.  We are going to combine many of our homeschooling resources into one, hoping to create a fresh and exciting home to unit studies, schedules, and notebooking pages!

Our new home is named Meraki, which is a Greek word that means doing something with soul, creativity, or love — when you put “something of yourself” into what you’re doing, whatever it may be.  We put much of ourselves into each resource we create that we thought it a fitting name.

While the location of our blog will stay at merakihomeschool.blogspot.com, it will be expanding and may change look as Sayuri and I fiddle with it.  Sayuri is very tech-savvy, so I am excited to be working with her.  Maybe I won't lose so much!

Come visit us and subscribe to be the first to know when our resources go live!  All of my previous documents will become available once we figure everything out.


Sunday, January 14, 2018


Hello there!  To anyone interested, my blog has been dormant for years now.  I always had many free resources available, which will soon become available again...on a new blog.  A friend and I are going to work together to bring new notebooking pages, history and science units, co-op friendly studies, and literature units.

Some of the units we have in the works include:

  • Interactive American History - grades 6-8
  • Percy Jackson literature/history unit - grades 6-8
  • Kane Chronicles literature/history unit - grades 6-8
  • Ancient History Activities for co-op setting and adapted for home - grades 3-5
  • Medieval History Activities for co-op setting/home - grades 3-5
  • Renaissance History Activities for co-op setting/home - grades 3-5
  • American History Activities for co-op setting/home - grades 3-5
  • Modern History Activities for co-op setting/home - grades 3-5
  • Updated grid supplement schedules to use with Sonlight 
  • Cooking Skills for co-op setting/home - middle to high school
Many of my old resources will be available as well, including:
  • Notebooking pages for 
    • American History
    • Cultures
    • World History
  • Older grid schedules that align with Sonlight (may have broken links)
  • Units for Holling C. Holling books, including Paddle to the Sea, Minn of the Mississippi, and Tree in the Trail

Stay tuned for more information coming soon.  Many resources will be free, a few will be for purchase, but I want to keep things as inexpensive as possible.  Please comment below with questions or concerns!  I am excited to begin creating more resources for homeschoolers.